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My wonderful mother, Barbara Francis was aged 78 when she was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer in the lower part of the rectum.  Whilst the Consultants and medical professionals in South Wales have been wonderful in their treatment of my mother, it is England and in particularly the services of Professor Sun Myint at Clatterbridge Oncology Hospital in…

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My name is Graham Campbell. I am 61 years old and married to Jan who has been my world throughout everything. My story begins in March 2007 when after being monitored for 18 months for an enlarged prostate, I was told that cancerous cells had shown up in a biopsy taken a month earlier.…   click: for full story


Marks Story Have you ever had, how can I put this…a bit of a dodgy arse?  Maybe a bit of food poisoning or a moody take-away? Have you ever had the odd stomach cramp? Of course you have; as have we all, and thought nothing of it right…? I know that I have on several…  click: for full story .... 


In November 2001, at the age of 65, I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. I felt numb and shocked but also angry as a few years earlier at the age of 61, with the same sort of symptoms, I was diagnosed with IBS by another consultant. My doctor this time was a Mr Hershman and… click for full story


My name is Don. I am 80 years of age – a retired College Lecturer, having retired 26 years ago, and have always enjoyed good health. In October 2009 I was diagnosed with cancer of the bowel and early in December 2009 I started a course of Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy treatment.

This continued until early… click for full story

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